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Your business is always changing, right? You're restructuring or hiring fast; you're launching new products or divesting underperforming assets; you're acquiring a company or merging with another; you're introducing new leadership or surveying clients and staff.

Through these complex transitions, Vivazu helps you communicate to engage your workforce, build transparency and maximize business performance. We're here to help you find the right mix of communications and to integrate them with what you're already doing to support your success. Contact us today for a consultation.

transaction communications
Restructurings (RIFs, New Leadership)
Enterprise Integration (M&A, JV)
Compliance Communications

engagement and awareness programs
Innovation and Idea-Sharing
Eco-Engagement/Green Certifications
Safety and Security
Health and Wellness

corporate communications
Public Relations
Event Production
Annual Reports
Award Applications
Sponsorship Communications
Executive Positioning
Corporate Listings and Memberships
organizational communication
Executive and Departmental Messaging
Workplace Branding
Internal News Systems
Intranet and Portal Maximization
Employee Survey Communications
HR and Benefits Communication

marketing communications
Brand Development
Digital and Social Media
Web Design
Marketing Collateral
Product Launches

corporate social responsibility
Corporate Giving Programs
Employee Volunteerism
Community Relations and Partnerships

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